Q. Do you need a Modeling Agency or Agent in the tri-state area or Do you need a Modeling Agent to take your Modeling Career to the next level?
A. Cleri Model Mgmt. is a Licensed Booking Agency for aspiring and professional models. Cleri Models is a full-service agency representing men, women, teens, and plus size models. Cleri Model Mgmt.
is not a modeling school or a scouting center.  With over 30 years of experience, we job and work our models in the field of Fashion, Editorial, Lifestyle, Catalogs, Commercial Print, TV & Film. Our Booking Agents are among the best in the tri-state area. For a no-cost evaluation, eMail us at info@clerimodels.com or call us at NJ: 732-650-9630 / NY: 212-721-6900.

Q. Do I have to be a certain height to be represented by CLERI MODELS?
A. For the fashion division, females need to be between 5' 9" to 5' 11" and males 6' 0" to 6" 1'. For the lifestyle, commercial print division, the height requirement is not as stringent.

Q. Do I have to live near CLERI MODELS in order for them to represent me?
A. If a model wants to take full advantage of all job offers, then at some point, the model should consider relocating closer to the agency otherwise, the model may choose to accept those bookings that are large enough to cover travel expenses plus make a sizable profit.

Q. What type of models does CLERI represent?
A. Cleri Models represents models for editorial, fashion, commercial print, catalog, and runway plus talent for television, music videos and film.

Q. Does CLERI MODELS represent plus size models?
A. Yes, Cleri Models represents plus size models, ages 18 to 30. Height 5'8" and up. Dress size 12 to 16.

Q. Does CLERI MODELS have an open call?
A. No. Model review is by appointment only after submission of photos via regular mail, or email. Those who have been selected will then be contacted.

Q. What type of photos do I need to submit to CLERI MODELS for consideration?
A. Cleri Models will only review color photos sent regular mail or e-mail. Professional photos are not necessary for review. We recommend for both male and female simple snapshots using a plain white or light colored wall, as a backdrop, consisting of the following: From the waist up, a front view shot, one with and one without a smile. Also provide two full length photos, one facing forward to the camera and one sideways to the camera showing full body profile. Remember to include on the back of all photos your name, eMail address, and phone number. Also, include your age, height, weight, dress size (suit size for males) hair and eye color. If you want your photos returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope sized to fit your photos. No nude photos please!

Q. What should I wear and should I have my hair and make-up done?
A. Females: Age appropriate photos should be in a swimsuit, some with hair up and down. Face should be bare or minimal make-up. Males: plain tee shirt and jeans.

Q. If I am represented by another agency, can I still apply for representation with CLERI MODEL MGMT.?
A. Yes, Cleri Models represents both exclusive models who are signed under a Management Agreement as well as non-exclusive freelance models, provided of course that representation is offered. However, you should not be discouraged if representation is not offered by this agency as we have a certain criteria of specific looks that we seek to represent.


Q. When are most modeling/talent assignments done?
A. Most assignments, go-sees and auditions are conducted during normal work hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. However, some location photo assignments and certain fashion shows run into the weekend. (The terms "go-see," "audition," or "casting" all refer to job assignments).

Q. Does CLERI MODEL MGMT. pay for my portfolio?
A. Depending on the model's age, certain statics, etc., and at the agency's discretion, the agency may advance expenses to the model for proper materials needed in order to promote the model to its clients so as to secure job offers. On the other hand, if full advancement of expenses is not being offered, at the agency's discretion, simple test images and promotional comp cards may be paid by the agency.

Q. What type of materials are needed in order to obtain work?
A. Although Cleri Models cannot promise work, the Agency has on many occasions, jobbed models/talent immediately. A well rounded portfolio with diverse images and impressively designed composite cards and more importantly online promotional materials are necessary items in order to secure bookings. If Cleri Models offers representation, we will work closely with you to obtain these items.

Q. How do I know if I am with the right agency?
A. The decision should be based on the type of clients and magazine companies that the agency works with coupled with the agency's total commitment to guide the model to their fullest potential. Additionally, it is the responsibility of Cleri Model Mgmt. to properly develop, manage, and represent the model/talent in order to obtain suitable job offers. Keep in mind that if a suitable division is temporarily filled, submission may have to be repeated at a later date.

Q. Are Management Agreements necessary?
A. A management agreement is an excellent document in our industry in order to protect the rights of all parties involved on job assignments. A
well written Model/Agency agreement should outline the duties of the agency, the duties of the model and protect against misusage of images. There are no fees with a standard management agreement, other than the customary agency commissions associated with model bookings. Since Cleri Model Mgmt. represents both models and talent across the United States, our Management Agreement has been reviewed by countless attorneys from various states with full approval as to its terms and conditions.

Q. What about modeling conventions?
A. Modeling conventions are not always necessary in order to be discovered. However, some excellent models and talent have been discovered from these events. Although staff members of this agency have participated as judges, Cleri Model Mgmt. is not affiliated or a member of any convention.

Q. Are there any fees to be reviewed by CLERI MODELS?
A. No. There are no up-front or review fees with Cleri Models. We are pleased to offer our opinion as to whether or not the model/talent has possibilities to be represented by this agency and we welcome new arrivals for consideration.

Q. Are there any fees for representation?
A. No. Cleri Models does not have so called initiation fees of any kind in representing a model/talent. The agency is entitled to its customary agency commissions from model bookings. As for promotional materials needed such as photography, composite cards, and the like, the agency will guide and recommend the models to appropriate vendors at the models' choice.